Bird Recognized as an Outstanding Educator in Prism’s 20-Under-40

By Liz Sheeley

Assistant Professor James Bird (ME, MSE) was recognized by the American Society for Engineering Educators in the summer edition of Prism magazine as one of 20 high-achieving researchers and educators under 40.

Assistant Professor James Bird (ME, MSE) uses a high speed camera to capture images of droplets. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

“I’m honored and humbled to be included among such talented scholars,” Bird said. Prism has recognized these 20 faculty members as all sharing a demonstrated talent for teaching, research with a real-world impact, or oftentimes, both. All of the faculty were chosen from recommendations by their schools and colleagues with research by the Prism staff.

Bird’s recognition comes from his research in understanding how microscopic aerosol droplets form from bursting bubbles, which could be extremely useful in improving climate modeling and disease transmission.

In addition to his research, Bird was also recognized for his contributions to science communications. As his research has a visual element, Bird chooses to supplement his publications with video to convey his findings in a publicly accessible way. He has also developed a graduate course on science communications.