Disability Accommodations

For Students Who Need a Disability Accommodation

If you think you could benefit from testing and/or in-class disability accommodations, please make an appointment with Disability & Access Services. Please keep in mind, this process takes time, so the sooner you begin, the better!

Please see Maria Karello in Student Services (Room 211) if you have questions about these services.
Additional information can be found on the Disability & Access Services website.

BU Disability & Access Services
Office: 25 Buick Street Suite 300
Phone: 617-353-3658
Email: access@bu.edu
Website: www.bu.edu/disability

For Students Who Have a Disability Accommodation

Reminder to students who have previously received accommodations from BU: you must make an appointment with Disability & Access Services each semester to reapply!

Each semester you must distribute accommodation letters to your professors. It is your decision whether to utilize some or all of the accommodations outlined in the letter. Please remember, CGS cannot grant accommodations until you deliver your letters to and speak with your professors directly. To pick up these letters, or to reapply for accommodations, please go to Disability & Access Services.

For questions and concerns regarding accommodations for your CGS courses, please see:

Maria Karello, Administrative Coordinator
Student Services, Room 211
617-353-2850, mkarello@bu.edu