North American Missional Collaborations, 2021-2022

Mission is happening all over North America. Christians are working together across all sorts of boundaries to reflect Christ, serve their neighbors, and be salt and light in their homes, towns, cities, regions and countries in the most creative and common of ways. But so often the good news of missional collaboration remains hidden, unseen, and underappreciated.

To paint a picture of the variety of mission work taking place today, the Center for Global Christianity and Mission needs your assistance! Here are three critical ways you can participate in this study process:

1. Report an Example of Collaboration in Mission

Using our online form, you can simply report an example of collaboration in mission about which you are aware, even if you are not involved in the work yourself. Missional collaboration can cross all kinds of boundaries, including theological, organizational, cultural, ethnic, generational, geographical, and other differences that normally divide people. Examples can range in scope across large regional or national organizations, city-based initiatives, or cooperation between congregations at a local level. We hope to find many examples of North Americans cooperating and collaborating with each other, in the spirit of unity that Jesus shared with his followers. Any examples submitted will be reviewed by the CGCM staff and will be considered for addition to a forthcoming database of case studies in collaboration in mission.

2. Participate in a Missional Collaboration Conversation

Another way we are gathering data is through recorded conversations among participants in missional collaboration. If you are involved in mission work across boundaries, including theological, organizational, cultural, ethnic, generational, geographical, or other differences, take some time to meet with fellow practitioners in mission to discuss your work! We have provided an instruction sheet and questions to guide your conversation. This video guides you through the steps. Reports or notes from these conversations can be submitted to the Center at, or you can use this form. The data from these conversations will be used to inform the final reports produced by the Executive Committee.

3. Complete a Missional Collaborations Survey

Aside from participating in a Missional Collaboration Conversation, you can also tell us about your collaborative mission work any time using the North American Missional Collaborations Survey. The survey allows you to describe your mission work, its origins and development, your collaborations and partnerships, the commitments undergirding your work, and the place of your work within the wider field of mission in North America. You can choose to share your name and demographic information at the end of the survey, or you can remain anonymous.


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Banner Image Credit: Greg Rosenke via Unsplash