Author: Eva Pascal

Alumnus Chris James gives media interviews on church innovations in Seattle

The Pacific-Northwest has some of the highest rates in the country of religious “nones,” people who claim no particular religious affiliation. Yet cities like Seattle are also home to a number of innovative Christian churches. In two media interviews, alumnus Christopher James of Dubuque University discusses his research on new church formations in Seattle and what […]

Orthodoxy & Humanitarianism conference, live webcast

In a time of political instability, war, and growing fundamentalist sentiment and policies in many parts of the Middle East, Orthodox Christians find themselves under increasing pressure and uncertainly. The conference Orthodox Christianity and Humanitarianism: Ideas and Actions in the Contemporary World held tomorrow May 7th through the 8th, explores theological, historical, and contemporary responses […]

New Doctoral Dissertations in World Christianity and Mission

In April, two doctoral students in the School of Theology successfully defended dissertations in world Christianity and mission. Daryl Ireland wrote his dissertation on the preeminent twentieth century Asian revivalist  John Sung, Christian Revitalization in China and Southeast Asia. And Travis Myers wrote his thesis on John Eliot, a pioneer missionary among the Native Americans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, “Get as […]

Cross-Cultural Friendship and Global Christianity

CGCM Director Dana Robert recently delivered the Parchman Lectures at Baylor University, focusing on the importance of cross-cultural friendship to global Christianity and mission networks. Dr. Robert highlighted the affinity of the language friendship and the Christian gospel, and the centrality of personal relationships to the transmission of faith. You can read more about the lecture in The Baptist Standard.

The Revitalization of Latin American Christianity

                            The Costas Consultation held its annual meeting on February 27, 2015 at Boston University. The theme of this year was “The Revitalization of Latin American Christianity.” Ruth Padilla DeBorst reflected on integral missions, Dr. Margaret Guider addressed the Church-State relations in […]

‘In the Midst’: a multimedia autobiography of a missionary life

The CGCM offers its resources, materials, and personnel to support a variety of unique and interesting websites. In conjunction with an international network of libraries, universities, and interested individuals, the center gathers hard-to-find materials and makes them easily accessible. Among its newest projects, the center is now hosting CGCM Visiting Researcher Catherine Corman’s “In the […]

Call for Papers: Religion and Religions in the History of Missions

The Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity is calling for papers for a conference at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut on June 25 – 27, 2015. Offers of short papers are welcome on any aspect of the conference theme:  Religion and Religions in the History of Missions and […]