Zoom Lecture by the CHCD Project Team of the Monumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin

A Workshop Report on Compiling the Data of S.V.D. and S.Sp.S. Missionaries for the China Historical Christian Database

Date: JAN 26th, 2023; 9–10 AM EST

Zoom Link: https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/7085784737

Over the course of almost two years, a team of three editors and a research assistant compiled data on more than 700 missionaries of the Divine Word Society (S.V.D.), a male Catholic order, and its female counterpart, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (S.Sp.S.). In this lecture, they will share some facts and figures from the several decades of these two orders’ missionary work in China, and introduce some remarkable individual missionaries. The data on the S.V.D. and S.Sp.S. will be included in the launch of version 2.0 of the China Historical Christian Database.

poster has the title "tracing the divine word" in dark blue letters and explains the Zoom event in detail