Call for Papers: Reimagining Mission

Reimagining Mission: Teaching mission for a changing world

The Association of Professor of Missions extends an open call for paper presentation proposals for its annual meeting June 13-14, 2019. Those interested in presenting a paper at APM should submit a proposed tile with a 150-200 word abstract to A. Sue Russell, APM President at sue.russell@asburyseminary.eduby March 30, 2019. 

Theme: This year we will consider how we can reimagine mission to teach mission in a changing world. At the close of the 20thcentury, several books were published looking forward to what mission would look like in the 21stcentury. They discussed trends such as supporting national workers, theological drifts, short term mission explosion, tent making, justice, creation care, partnership, international mission movements. We are now two decades into the 21stcentury and it is time to take stock of where mission is headed in the next 20 years.

How do the changes in the world affect how we imagine and teach mission.  Specifically, how do we prepare people for what mission will look like in 20 years, 30 years and beyond? What trends that were predicted at the close of the 20thcentury still apply today?  What has changed in the landscape of mission for which we need to prepare people?  What kinds of skills do people need to encounter the challenges of mission in the next decades?  Who will be involved in the next global mission movement?

Papers are encouraged that address a wide range of topics for the teaching of mission in the next two decades. We especially encourage young scholars and future professors of mission to participate in this conversation. There are several areas that papers may address, including:

Looking back:Papers are encouraged to look at predictions that were made regarding trends for 21st century missions, such as diaspora mission, refugees, globalization, urbanization, etc. and discuss how they have shaped and will continue to shape teaching mission in the future. They may also address concepts and theories that need to be revised and/or expanded, or theories that are no longer relevant for mission today.

Looking Forward–Practitioners of Missions.  Papers may address who will be the next practitioners of mission. With the rise of the ‘nones’ in North American and Europe, the rise of the global church, and the move of mission to the local church, how do we prepare the next generation of practitioners? What is the role of professors of mission in equipping the church and supporting global partnerships and global mission practitioners? 

Looking Forward–New Approaches: Papers may seek to address new approaches to mission in a changing context. What are the possibilities for ecumenical partnerships, missional churches, interreligious dialogue, communal living, missional churches, and social action?

Looking forward–Training and Support: What are new methods to train and support the next generation of practitioners? What will training programs look like, what new delivery systems, educational programs, and training programs will effectively equip the next generation of mission practitioners?

Looking forward– New Challenges: What new challenges will mission practitioners face and how do we prepare them for challenges such as an increase in violence, natural disasters, political instability, persecution, displaced peoples, etc? What new strategies are needed for the changing world?  How do these particularly affect women and children?

Other areas: Topics that relate to the teaching of mission in general will be considered.

SUBMISSION AND PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS Paper proposal deadline: March 30, 2019. Notification of accepted papers: April 15, 2019. Submission of completed papers and confirmation of meeting attendance: May 30, 2019. For the purpose of online publication of presentations submitted papers may be up to 5000 words included notes and references (about 20 page double-spaced) and should conform to the style guide of Missiology: An International Review, available at: The full text of all papers approved for the conference will be made available to the members of APM online as The Proceedings of the Association of Professor of Mission, 2019.

Presentation at the meeting will be limited to 15 to 20 minutes plus additional time for discussion depending on number of presentations accepted.  Please direct all submissions and questions to A. Sue Russell, APM President at

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