Things That Are Round

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Things That Are Round

February 16 – 17, 2022

“Jewels 2” Juliane Ethel Leilani Miller Studio Theatre

Things That Are Round, a Senior Theatre Arts Major Production, written by Callie Kimball and directed by Clay Hopper. Presented in “Jewels 2” studio theatre in February 2022.

Things That Are Round is about Tetherly, a dentist specializing in existential terror, and Nina, an opera singer who just might be the worst babysitter ever. The two square off in a strange ballet of truth or dare. But is this a game anyone can even win? “Thelma and Louise” meets “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” on steroids. This production will be the second time this play is performed on its feet, and we are so excited to share this comedy/thriller/drama/coming of age story about these two women exploring humanity in a different realm.


Tetherly: Grace Ferrera
Nina: Gabriela Medina-Toledo


Director: Clay Hopper
Stage Manager: Macy McGrail
Sound Designer/Creative Director: Jennie Gorn
Lighting Designer: Janet Hedges
Production Assistant: Chloe Kolbenheyer

Info & Credits

Director: Clay HopperStage Manager: Macy McGrailSound Designer/Creative Director: Jennie GornLighting Designer: Janet Hedges

Production Assistant: Chloe Kolbenheyer

Photos by Daniel Bastidas

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