Eat Your Young

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OCTOBER 6 – 16, 2022

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Lucia, Jelly, Ginger, and Quinn are four mismatched teens enrolled together in a new-age wilderness therapy program. Living in the wild is tough, but their ridiculous, out-of-touch counselors are tougher, and the ground beneath their feet won’t stop cracking open. As supernatural forces make a devastating appearance, the quartet must band together to reckon with monsters—manmade and otherwise—in this deeply chaotic, poignant, funny play.

Director Shamus works with the cast of Eat Your Young, the first play of the new season at Boston Playwrights Theatre

Curtain’s Up on Boston Playwrights’ Theatre’s 2022-2023 Season

Wilderness therapy goes awry in dark comedy Eat Your Young

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Info & Credits

By J.C. Pankratz

Directed by Shamus (CFA'23)

Co-produced with Boston Playwrights' Theatre

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