Support your school or college

Boston University aims to be more than the sum of its parts. This commitment is captured in the “One BU” concept, which guided the early phases of the University’s recent strategic planning process.

At the same time, we cherish each of our 17 schools and colleges—as well as the many other academic units across our two campuses—which make distinctive contributions to research and teaching at BU. It is in the school or college setting in which our researchers “dive deep” into their disciplines, and where much of the difficult, hands-on, rubber-meets-the-road work of teaching and learning goes on.

Most of our alumni have a primary affiliation with one or more of those schools or colleges, and make their charitable gifts to BU based on those affiliations. If you designate a school or college as the beneficiary of your gift, your charitable dollars will directly support the work of that designated faculty.

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