The Foundation Relations (FR) team within Boston University’s Development & Alumni Relations connects faculty and staff with grantmakers and charitable organizations—both private philanthropic foundations and nongovernmental organizations—who have a likely interest in supporting their work.

Foundations and NGOs are particularly valuable to BU researchers, many of whom conduct pilot, proof-of-concept, or high-risk research that is not suitable for traditional sources of funding, such as the NIH and NSF. The FR team’s goal is to provide expert guidance in matching a given BU project with the most appropriate private funding organization.

If you are associated with a foundation or NGO in any way and can help us make a connection, we’d love to hear from you. Although we already work with many excellent foundations, we are always eager to learn about others. We are particularly interested in expanding our network with international foundations.

Learn about some of the international projects we have helped facilitate through foundation funding. And click here for a downloadable fact sheet about BU’s global reach.

If you are connected with a foundation in some way and would like to learn more about supporting BU education, research, and service activities overseas, please email Tristan Barako, Assistant Vice President of Foundation Relations, or fill out this form.

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