Website Logos

Logos on University websites should follow the official logo system. When you work with BU Interactive Design or IS&T, a logo will be set up for you that conforms to the University’s brand guidelines and naming conventions.

Getting a BU Website

  1. Get a theme design by IS&T.
  2. Have Marketing & Communications design a website for you. Please understand that a beautiful website doesn’t happen overnight. Get in touch and we’ll take you through the process and timing.
  3. Design your own website. Please note that, while BU uses WordPress (a common platform for websites), it is a proprietary version that we maintain and update as needed. WordPress at BU is a shared system running more than 900 websites, so it must always be stable, fast, and virus-free. That’s why it’s closed to outside themes. For more information on themes, please visit IS&T’s website.