How to #BeYou (while still #OneBU).

We all play a role in supporting the Boston University brand. When representing your University entity on social media, use the following requirements for a consistent look and feel.

These templates will help you shape your social media presence. 

Tips for choosing an avatar:

  • Images with a centered or center-left primary focus tend to work best. You don’t want the BU typography and slash covering your primary focus too much if they overlap.
  • Simple images that aren’t busy work best. Remember, these thumbnails tend to be smaller, so you want to make sure a viewer can see the primary focus clearly.
  • Save your final file as a .png with a transparent background.

Note: Boston University must be spelled out in the social media title along with the school, college, or entity (e.g., “School of Hospitality Administration, Boston University”). “Boston U” or “Boston Univ” is acceptable in tight spaces, but please do not use “BU”.

We can help.

We can work with you to develop a social media look and feel that represents both the BU brand and highlights your individual contribution to the larger community.

Email us at and we’ll work with you to perfect your social media presence.

Looking for more information about best practices and how to collaborate with the BU Social Media team? Visit BU Public Relations | Social Media to learn more.