Consistent signage helps identify Boston University as a unified urban campus within the city of Boston, an important objective of BU leadership.

Boston University welcomes and guides pedestrians with clear, streamlined signage, emphasizing school/college affiliations and street addresses. Consistent exterior signage extends the BU brand and defines the campus to visitors and nearby residents. In fact, BU has a comprehensive program that includes exterior on-building signage, central banners, and interior directories.

We’ve extended the campus-wide signage guidelines in response to recent proposals—and in consultation with Dr. Brown—as follows:

If you are planning new exterior signage or interior signage visible from public streets—including banners; window clings; on-building, freestanding, or interior installations—please contact Marketing & Communications (MarCom). We’ll advise you on the planning and development of your signage—following BU brand guidelines and city and state requirements—to complement the building architecture and the surrounding space.

We appreciate your help maintaining a visually connected campus by coordinating your sign concepts, proposals, and approvals with MarCom.

Your exterior signage will likely need to be submitted for city approval. MarCom will coordinate this process through Government & Community Affairs, whose staff has an excellent working relationship with both the City of Boston and the City of Brookline.

To start your signage project, email Patricia Reed with the following information:

  • Strategic message, purpose, and how this proposed project coordinates with the overall University brand
  • Renderings of the proposed signage design, and a mock-up of its intended placement in the space
  • Specific location details for proposed signage
  • Dates of proposed installation (up to two months allowed for temporary signage)

Your collaboration will result in a more attractive campus, signage that serves its specific purpose, and enhancement of Boston University’s overall image.