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Blending Theory and Practice: Experiential Learning in Hospitality Curriculum

A Case Study of Student Projects for Industry Clients   By Michael Oshins and Joel Brown On the first day of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration’s (SHA) introductory hospitality course, Dr. Christopher Muller opens the class with the question, ”How do you teach hospitality?”  In his 2016 BHR article on the topic, Muller offers an […]

“The Six Touchstones” A Model for Hospitality Students

By Christopher Muller and Michael Oshins Hospitality management education requires many different perspectives to be considered, given the broad array of pedagogies used throughout a four-year curriculum. With some planning—and, sometimes, with a bit of serendipity—simple ideas may resonate with students well beyond the time they spend in a classroom. In previous Boston Hospitality Review […]

Hospitality Management: Learning, Doing, Knowing

  By Christopher Muller On the first day of my HF 100 Introduction to Hospitality Management class I present a lecture that raises the question, “How Do You Teach Hospitality?” It’s my first Power Point slide and is then repeated as my last slide for the day. I suspect (maybe hope) that this question is […]