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Editor’s Letter – April 2022

By: Kaushik Vardharajan, Director, Real Estate Program, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration We are now entering the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in more than 470 million cases and 6.1 million deaths around the world, per the World Health Organization. While the hospitality industry’s worst fears at the start of […]

Hotel Transactions and Valuations – What to Expect in 2022?

By Charlotte Kang, Managing Director, Valuation & Advisory Services Group, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels are increasingly becoming a mainstream asset class stemming from the hospitality industry’s robust growth, evidenced by the strong hotel transaction volume involving a wide array of global investors. The hospitality industry came to a halt in 2020, shocking the hotel world into […]

A Guide to Developing Wellness Real Estate

By Ingo Schweder, Founder & CEO at GOCO Hospitality, Managing Director at Horwath HTL Health & Wellness Introduction People are becoming increasingly aware of how lifestyle and external environmental factors impact their wellbeing and are seeking health-and-wellness enhancing solutions in their daily lives. A majority of physical spaces are unable to provide such solutions, often limiting […]

Projecting Economic Cycles in the Lodging Industry

Source: Photo Credit to Canva By: John O’Neill, PhD, Pennsylvania State University Various stages of the economic cycle have been a popular discussion topic at many hotel investment conferences in recent years. These discussions have included hypothesizing by panel participants regarding what is the current phase of the cycle (sometimes likening economic growth cycles to a […]

Seniors Housing 101: Where Are We Now & Where Do We Go from Here?

Source: Photo credit to Canva By: Serena Lipton & Zach Bowyer, MAI, JLL Seniors housing, while still a highly niche sector, is quickly evolving to become a core investment. According to JLL Research, there are approximately 24,500 properties, comprised of 1,687,000 senior living units and 1,461,000 nursing care beds. “Seniors housing” is an umbrella term that encompasses approximately […]

Closing Lodging Transactions through COVID: An Overview of The Hospitality Real Estate Finance Markets

Source: Image from Canva By: Mark Owens, John Avanzino & Robert Webster, CBRE Hotels Introduction The Hospitality Industry has experienced many shocks, none as severe as the COVID-19 virus. This article focuses on COVID’s impact on the U.S. hospitality real estate finance market, providing insight into the state of the market pre-pandemic, lending community sentiment, lender engagement and market […]

Asset Management for a Changing World: Learnings and Strategies from the Pandemic

Source: Photo from Canva By: Chad F. Sorensen & Gabriel Stein, CHMWarnick Prior to the onset of COVID-19, hoteliers around the world were enjoying a “Golden Age of Hospitality.” Record-breaking performance in 2019 continued a period of reliable growth, development pipelines surged globally, portfolios expanded from a proliferation of brands with minimal differentiating attributes, and investor confidence remained […]

COVID-19’s Impact on the U.S. Hotel Sale Transaction Market

Source: Photo from Canva By: Daniel H. Lesser, MAI, LW Hospitality Advisors We live in extraordinary times as there are only a limited number of periods in America’s 245-year history which have been as transformative as 2020 (i.e., 1776, 1865, 1929, 1945, 1968, 2001).  The confluence of a global pandemic, mass civil disobedience, and the transfer […]