Emily Johnson (CAS’17) recipient of NSF Fellowship

Good news! Our 2017 BA grad Emily Johnson (now a PhD student at UC Santa Barbara, https://www.anth.ucsb.edu/people/emily-johnson) is the recipient of a 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (https://www.nsfgrfp.org)!!  They only awarded 7 in archaeology this year, nationwide, so it’s intensely competitive. The fellowship funds three years of her graduate research. Congratulations Emily!

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John Marston awarded an NSF Grant

The National Science Foundation Archaeology Program has funded the proposal “Spatial Analysis of State Agropastoral Economies”, which is directed by John M. Marston (Boston University, lead PI) and David Meiggs (Rochester Institute of Technology). Over the two-year award, Marston and Meiggs will conduct research to examine how societies manage sustainable agricultural production across the varied landscapes under their […]

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Professor Mary Beaudry published a highly cited co-authored article in American Antiquity

Professor Mary Beaudry in 2014 was coauthor (with Keith W. Kintigh, Jeffrey H. Altschul, Robert D. Drennan, Ann P. Kinzig, Timothy A. Kohler, W. Fredrick Limp, Herbert D.G. Maschner, William K. Michener, Timothy R. Pauketat, Peter Peregrine, Jeremy A. Sabloff, Tony J. Wilkinson, Henry T. Wright, and Melinda A. Zeder) of an article, “Forum: Grand […]

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Professor Catherine West awarded a 3-year NSF Grant

Catherine West, Boston University Department of Archaeology Research Assistant Professor of Archaeology, has been awarded a 3-year National Science Foundation grant entitled “Collaborative Research: Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives of Climate Change in the Aleutian Islands.” This project is in collaboration with the University of Alabama and Portland State University and the goal is to address […]

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Walton and Carballo NSF Grant Recipient

Boston University Department of Archaeology Professor David Carballo  and Graduate Student David Walton (GRS’16)  are recipients of an National Science Foundation Grant. Under the guidance of Dr. David Carballo, David Walton will investigate the nuances of obsidian tool production and consumption in household spaces. This project is unique, compared to previous scholarship, because it applies […]

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Professor David Carballo NSF Grant recipient

Boston University Department of Archaeology Professor David Carballo is part of a new collaborative research grant through NSF titled “Origins of Urbanization and State Formation: Investigations at the Plaza of the Columns Complex at Teotihuacan, Mexico.” The total grant is ca. $300k of which ca. $78k will come to BU. The project will investigate a […]

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National Geographic article features William Saturno, Francisco Estrada-Belli, and graduate student Mary Clarke

Losing Maya Heritage to Looters Stolen artifacts are making it from the Guatemalan jungle to wealthy black-market buyers.   For instance, the only way to find 14 Maya pots at once would be to uncover the burial of a very wealthy king. In archaeology, such finds can make a researcher’s career and redefine our understanding of […]

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