Undergraduate Archaeology at BU

Boston University is a leading center for the study of archaeology. We offer students the opportunity to work with faculty in the field, the laboratory, and the classroom in order to pursue their study of archaeology.  A major asset of our program is the city of Boston itself.  With its many museums and libraries, and a vast wealth of historical sites and landmarks, the city provides students with a venue for sophisticated and exciting study.  We offer a major in Archaeology and in Classics and Archaeology, which can lead into combined BA/MA in Archaeology or BA/MA in Classics and Archaeology. We also offer a major in Archaeological and Environmental Sciences and a minor in Archaeology and in Archaeological and Environmental Science.

Students wanting to transfer to Boston University Archaeology Program should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies and follow the transfer credit application process as a transfer student.

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Undergraduate Program Administrators

Robert E. Murowchick

Lecturer of Archaeology, Director, Archaeology Undergraduate Studies


Maria H. Sousa

Administrator of the Archaeology Program & Journal of Field Archaeology