Graduate Archaeology at BU

“To my way of thinking archaeology is the most interesting and exciting career in the world…one that is far too much fun ever to be called work.”

—Ann Axtell Morris
1939 Digging in Yucatan

Boston University is a leading center for the study of archaeology. We offer graduate students the opportunity to work with faculty in the field, the laboratory, and the classroom in order to develop the professional expertise necessary for a career in archaeology.  A major asset of our program is the city of Boston itself.  With its many museums, libraries and other cultural organizations, and a vast wealth of historical sites and landmarks, the city provides students with a venue for sophisticated and exciting study. Boston University students can take advantage of some other academic institutions (such as courses and libraries) in the Boston area through consortia arrangements.

We offer two combined degree programs—a BA/MA in Archaeology and a BA/MA in Classics and Archaeology—in addition to a standalone MA in Archaeology and MA in Classics & Archaeology.

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Graduate Program Administrators

Andrea M. Berlin

James R. Wiseman Chair in Classical Archaeology, Professor of Archaeology and Religion, Director of Graduate Studies & Admissions

Maria H. Sousa

Administrator of the Archaeology Program & Journal of Field Archaeology