center-1Formerly known as the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH), the Center is undergoing changes. More on this as they develop. AsianArc with major support from the Henry Luce Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and private donors is an internationally-recognized hub for multi-disciplinary research and public outreach in East Asian archaeology and cultural heritage. AsianArc research collaborations, programs, seminars, and its major 7000-volume library collection provide an extraordinary and unique resource, serving scholars and students from around the globe who are interested in East Asian archaeology, cultural heritage management, anthropology, art history, pre-modern history, religion, and other related fields. AsianArc provides our the Archaeology Program with a major foothold in this important region in world archaeology and research opportunities for BU students and faculty.

BU Center for Remote Sensing

center-2The Center for Remote Sensing was established in 1986 as a facility for scientific research in the fields of archaeology, geography and geology. The center uses satellite images and other data from airborne and ground sensors to study the Earth and its resources, particularly groundwater. This includes the monitoring of environmental changes due to both natural processes and human activities.

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Journal of Field Archaeology

journalThe Journal of Field Archaeology has been edited at BU since it was established in 1974. The Journal of Field Archaeology is published for professionals concerned with the interpretation of the archaeological record around the world. In addition to articles containing analyses of archaeological data from excavations, surveys, and laboratory research, the JFA publishes articles about archaeological heritage and ethics and the history of archaeology, technical and methodological studies. The current editor is Christina Luke.

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