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The study of the past not only prepares students for understanding the present, but also arms them with important research and professional skills: the ability to evaluate evidence, to construct plausible interpretations of that evidence, and to present their interpretations in a coherent, persuasive manner.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovations in teaching and mentoring. Students in Archaeology take classes that range from introductory lectures to discussion-driven seminars and hands-on learning in laboratories and the field.

We have a robust Honors Program for distinguished senior Archaeology majors interested in writing and researching an original thesis. Students in Archaeology have won writing awards, Fulbright scholarships, and undergraduate research grants.

How to Apply

The program is not involved in the undergraduate admissions process. Students interested in applying to Boston University should seek assistance from the BU Admissions Office.

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Undergraduate Administrators

Robert E. Murowchick

Lecturer of Archaeology, Director, Archaeology Undergraduate Studies

Maria H. Sousa

Administrator of the Archaeology Program & Journal of Field Archaeology