David Carballo recipient of Whiting Public Engagement Seed Grant

David Carballo will receive $10,000 to lead a community-engaged archaeology project with youth living near the ancient city of Teotihuacan, one of the largest cities of the pre-Columbian Americas. A heavily visited tourist destination and iconic national treasure, Teotihuacan is nonetheless threatened by the urban sprawl of Mexico City. Carballo and colleagues, including artist Pedro Cahuantzi […]

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John Marston recipient of Fulbright Scholar Awards to Australia in the “All Disciplines” competition

Congratulations to Professor Marston! He has been selected as the recipient of one of six Fulbright Scholar Awards to Australia in the “All Disciplines” competition. This will allow him to spend the Spring 2020 semester at the School of Social Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, to collaborate with Dr. Andrew Fairbairn on a project […]

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Professor David Carballo NSF Grant recipient

Boston University Department of Archaeology Professor David Carballo is part of a new collaborative research grant through NSF titled “Origins of Urbanization and State Formation: Investigations at the Plaza of the Columns Complex at Teotihuacan, Mexico.” The total grant is ca. $300k of which ca. $78k will come to BU. The project will investigate a […]

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