David Carballo

Latin American Antiquity Blog on Teotihuacan Research

Blog post for Latin American Antiquity that links to three different articles on the Tlajinga Project at Teotihuacan.  David Carballo co-author of “Neighborhoods Life, Migration, and Social Infrastructure in Teotihuacan’s Southern Periphery” and “New Perspectives on Migration into the Tlajinga District of Teotihuacan: A Dual-Isotope Approach,” and on another article with students, Daniela Hernandez Sarinana […]

David Carballo, new evidence from both Teotihuacan and the Maya region in Science Magazine

“Maya travelers visiting Teotihuacan during the fourth century would have encountered a city like no other they had ever seen. Three enormous pyramids loomed over the main street, now known as the Avenue of the Dead, their shapes reflecting snow-capped volcanoes visible in the distance. An orderly grid of roads extended from the avenue, and the […]

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