Archaeology at BU

Archaeology is the study of the human past from prehistory to recent times, primarily through the study of material remains. At Boston University, archaeologists study these data in order to understand and learn from the past, applying their research to issues of global concern, including climate change, human migration, and cultural heritage. As one of two universities in the country that offer a BA, BA/MA, and MA in Archaeology, Boston University through its Archaeology Program offers courses that cover various regions, time periods, materials, and methods of analysis.  Our faculty and students reflect these diverse interests. With multidisciplinary interests spanning Classics, Anthropology, History of Art, and Biology, our faculty bring a breadth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Our aim is to instill this breadth into our students’ education through our interdisciplinary approach. In turn, our alumni have gone into a variety of professions upon graduation, including working as archaeologists in academia, for national and state governments, and in museums, pursuing careers in law, medicine, and public service, among others.

Our faculty are committed to training archaeologists in the classroom, the laboratory, and the field, so that students can think critically about the past and conduct research that improves our present as well as our future.

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