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Tanya Zlateva
Dean, MET
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September 2021

As fall arrives, we at Metropolitan College look forward to regaining the full vibrancy of our community, on campus and around the world.

The pandemic has confirmed and amplified the importance of flexibility in work and learning, and of digital and online technologies. You, as a MET alum, know that these have been our specialties for many years. We are also well positioned to prepare our students for other, similar trends, including the need for responsive, industry-relevant education and the shift of the workforce toward occupations defined by computation and automation.

Our students understand that traditional knowledge, now and then added to, is not sufficient in the fast-changing work environment. They seek the breadth and foundation of a degree delivered rigorously from a major research university, but they also demand college-level knowledge in emerging fields, delivered in a variety of professional formats, anytime and anywhere, and at an accessible price. Your gift can help individuals from all backgrounds access this education.

Your gifts to the MET dean’s fund support students who, like you, are determined to attain a higher education as they meet their professional and family responsibilities. The Dean’s Fund provides direct financial aid; we also use your gifts to invest in the technologies and support services that enhance the quality of the student learning experience. For example, in the future, we plan to invest strategically in career counseling and coaching, especially for our graduate students.

We have a strong legacy of leadership in flexible online learning—indeed, our numerous top-10 program rankings show that we are a giant in this field—and we are at the same time strikingly modern, a true incubator for new program development. Maintaining the edge means staying nimble and responsive to the constantly evolving needs of industry, to the promise of new technologies, and to the needs of students—and all of this takes investment. Your gifts are used to do research to ensure our learning outcomes are optimal; to help build and deploy new modalities; and to develop our research-active faculty, who keep us at the forefront of knowledge.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this update. No one has been untouched by the pandemic, and considerable uncertainty and grief continue to affect so many. Please know that my thoughts are with you and with all of our alumni. I firmly believe that community will help carry us through. With this in mind, I invite you to engage with your Metropolitan College community, by sharing advice and job opportunities with our students, by joining webinars and lectures, and by making a gift today.

Thank you for your support,

Tanya Zlateva, PhD
Dean, BU Metropolitan College

PS: You can make a gift any time at bu.edu/give2met to support MET.