The BU Scholarship Assurance

The BU Scholarship Assurance enables you to plan for the cost of your entire degree. The Boston University aid offered in your first year is guaranteed for each of your undergraduate years.

Eligibility for BU need-based scholarship aid is established and confirmed in the first year when you file the CSS/Profile™ and the FAFSA. After the first year, the Profile™ is not required. To apply for federal and state financial aid including grants, loans, and work-study you must file the FAFSA annually.

BU merit-based scholarship recipients are selected according to the criteria for each award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances arise and you are welcome to appeal for reconsideration of your need-based aid. Appeal requests are carefully reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. If an increase is granted for the academic year of your appeal, that increase will also be applied to future years.

Merit-based scholarships are not subject to reconsideration. However, recipients of awards based solely on merit are welcome to apply for need-based aid if adverse financial circumstances arise.

Yes, need-based scholarship recipients are required to meet all other eligibility criteria for BU need-based scholarship awards, including requirements pertaining to satisfactory academic progress, Charles River Housing Grant on-campus residence, enrollment, etc.

Merit-based scholarship recipients are required to meet all other eligibility criteria specific to their particular award, including requirements pertaining to academic performance, program participation, enrollment, on campus residence (for full-tuition scholars), and good disciplinary standing.

Federal and state aid, including grants, loans, and work-study is determined by your FAFSA and federal and state governments require that you submit the form annually.

Historically, BU tuition has risen by about 3.8 percent per year. We encourage you to plan for increased costs and pursue available opportunities to reduce your expenses.

Check out Your Plan for Managing BU Expenses for guidance on managing costs that are within your control and Smart Money 101 for even more cost-saving ideas.