When Rivah entered BU, she was sure she was destined to be a screenwriter or director.

“As I delved into the communications curriculum, I also developed an interest in public relations, something I had never really considered before. I went and talked to my COM advisor to see if there was a way I could add on a PR minor to my degree. He listened to me and took a close look at my credits and background, and he encouraged me to double major instead. So I did! Having the breathing room to explore interests and passions outside of my original plan was a great feeling. It made me realize I was in charge of my education.”

Rivah seized on the opportunity to study abroad through BU’s London Internship Program.

“In the abroad internship program, you have the unique opportunity to customize your work placement to your specific professional interests. I wanted something that would combine my PR and film interests, so I was placed at a British entertainment promotions agency that represents some of the biggest stars, shows, and brands in the UK. As an intern, I tracked media coverage for clients and maintained regional and national press contact lists. The experience I gained from the London Internship Program was invaluable to my career development.”

But her internship experiences didn’t end there.

“When I returned to the states, I also participated in internships at the Art Institute of Chicago and Antiques Roadshow, one of PBS’s longest-running TV programs. The Roadshow gig gets ‘passed down’ through generations of COM students. Networking with faculty and other students is a great way to secure internships; they have so many valuable resources. There, I got tons of essential digital experience and learned how to use creative applications like Photoshop and InDesign.”

What’s in store after graduation?

With weeks to go until graduation, Rivah was busy interviewing for jobs everywhere from San Francisco to Chicago, and she was thrilled to land a job as a Public Relations Specialist at Apple.

“I definitely don’t have everything figured out—but BU has given me the tools to navigate the ‘real world’ with confidence.”