Why I Chose to Transfer

Trying to decide if transferring is right for you? Hear from students and young alumni who were once in your shoes.

Sharon Chitayat

Sharon Chitayat thumbSchool/College: College of Arts & Sciences
Major(s): Chemistry
Hometown: San Jose, California
Why I Chose to Transfer: BU had a chemistry department with a lot of professors that I wanted to work with and small class sizes. I love when my professors know who I am and can track my progress and help critique me. I came from a larger school and never had that relationship there.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: On your first day in school, ask the person next to you what their homework is and if you can work together. People don’t know you’re a transfer student so you have to take that extra step. It’s a small one, but it will help you feel more at ease.

PJ Reddy

PJ Reddy thumbSchool/College: Questrom School of Business
Major(s): Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and Business Law
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Why I Chose to Transfer: My main reason for transferring is because the business school is so well-known and renowned. It also exposes students to finance concepts as early as their first year. Overall, it was the quality of education and the exemplary resources that sold me.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself. Try to talk to people who’ve been here since freshman year. They know the city, how the school works. And explore Boston because it’s such a beautiful city.

Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali thumbSchool/College: College of Arts & Sciences
Major(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Why I Chose to Transfer: I’m from the Boston area, and because of my involvement in a lot of community and minority group organizations, I had met a lot of students from BU in the past and really got along well with them. I also have a general love for all things Boston.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Once you start at BU, get your assignments done early. Getting ahead will allow you to have more time for other courses, your social life, seeing the city, and achieving an overall academic-life balance. Create a study schedule and go to the Yawkey Center if you need help in your courses.

Jessica MacKimm

Jessica MacKimm thumbSchool/College: College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Major(s): Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Hometown: Windham, New Hampshire
Why I Chose to Transfer: I had switched my major from music to speech, and I knew that Boston University had many internship and research opportunities for speech majors.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Be open minded, know that it is okay to transfer schools, and just think about what is best for you.

Margaret Waterman

Margaret Waterman thumbSchool/College: College of Communication
Major(s): Journalism
Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts
Why I Chose to Transfer: I wanted to transfer to BU to diversify my creative opportunities. I was confident that a large school in an urban setting would be a good fit for me in that sense and was sure that there was no limit to what I could learn at BU.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Students who are thinking about transferring should carefully think about why they want to leave their current school. Ask yourself: “What is my current school lacking?” Then, look for that missing element everywhere you apply.

John Tokarowski

John Tokarowski thumbSchool/College: Questrom School of Business
Major(s): Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance
Minor(s): Computer Science
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts
Why I Chose to Transfer: I knew I wanted to be at a bigger school. I couldn’t find my niche at a smaller school and knew a larger school could offer that. The resources here were also great.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Get as involved as possible, right off the bat. If you’re considering joining a club, just put yourself on the mailing list and go to the first meeting. You’ll have some fun and meet people who think like you do. Plus, it looks really good on a resume.

Nadhirah Zainal Rashid

Nadhirah Zainal Rashid thumbSchool/College: College of Arts & Sciences / Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
Major(s): International Relations
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Why I Chose to Transfer: Besides the fact that BU has a long list of notable alumni, my answer is straightforward: I wanted to study in my dream city.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Work extra hard on your application essays and be prepared to work even harder when you get accepted.

Chelsea Hermond

Chelsea Hermond thumbSchool/College: Questrom School of Business
Major(s): Business Administration with a Concentration in Management Information Systems
Minor(s): Spanish
Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia
Why I Chose to Transfer: I didn’t know I wanted to apply to BU until I visited my sister who also went here. I didn’t want to go back while I was in Boston, which is when I knew I wanted to transfer.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: Ask yourself: “Are you happy right now?” If the answer is no, then apply elsewhere. Happiness will produce the best results in a given environment.

Justin Cipriano

Justin Cipriano thumbSchool/College: School of Hospitality Administration
Major(s): Hospitality Administration
Hometown: Middlebury, Connecticut
Why I Chose to Transfer: I thought I wanted a small school with a New England vibe, but I got tired of that environment very quickly. I needed a larger and more competitive school with a dynamic city—and Boston University was exactly that.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: If you are considering applying to transfer, just go for it. It is really easy to talk yourself out of something, so don’t give yourself the chance to second guess it. I am a firm believer that if you are not happy with something you need to be the change to make yourself happy. I would also say to just follow your passions; if you truly believe you should be doing something, then don’t stop until you accomplish your goal.

Hiva Hosseini

Hiva Hosseini thumbSchool/College: College of Engineering
Major(s): Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Why I Chose to Transfer: I wanted to be in an intellectually curious city where everyone is striving to increase their knowledge on a daily basis. I believe the best way to live is by stepping out of your comfort zone both socially and academically, which I knew would happen at Boston University. I was also drawn to BU’s location and impressive Biomedical Engineering program.
My Advice for Prospective Transfer Students: I would recommend that you ask yourself what you want in a potential new school, whether it’s academics, a certain campus look, research opportunities or the social scene. You should know what you want. It depends on the person, but for me, the location of the school was very important. I had to really like, if not love, the city that I was transferring to because the atmosphere really makes a difference in my mood and eventually my academic success.