By now, you know that BU is a top-ranked university. But what defines the academic experience here?

  • At BU, academic flexibility allows you to take coursework across schools and colleges, combine your passions through combined BA/MA programs, and choose from more than 300 programs of study.
  • The BU Hub, our University-wide general education program, provides a common intellectual framework for all of our students. It ensures every BU graduate will possess the essential knowledge, skills, and habits of mind needed to think deeply, generate new ideas, and put them into action.
  • You’re encouraged to combine course with research. And you don’t have to major in the sciences to participate. Whatever your interest, you’ll be expected to form your own questions and seek the answers (as early as your first year).
  • The academics here are infused with global perspectives – from sitting next to classmates from around the world to studying global topics or researching alongside a professor while studying abroad.

Advanced Credit

Many students are eligible for advanced credit from examinations such as the International Baccalaureate and AP exams. See our Advanced Credit Guide to learn more about how to receive advanced credit at BU and which exams fulfill BU Hub requirements.


Visit the Course Bulletin for more information on course requirements for your area of study.

Academic Advising

Starting at University Orientation, academic advisors will work with you throughout your time at BU to register for courses, plan your degree program, and help you navigate all academic matters. Learn more about advising in your school or college.