Graduate Student Dual Degree Policy

Dual degree programs combine two graduate programs of study in complementary programs via intentionally designed curricular coursework. All dual degree programs at the graduate level must be approved through the University governance process and listed in the Boston University Bulletin. Students may not be enrolled concurrently in more than one graduate degree program other than the dual degree programs that have been reviewed, approved, and included in the Boston University Bulletin specifically as dual degrees.

Prospective graduate students may apply and be admitted to more than one degree program but are only permitted to matriculate in more than one program of study if these are part of an approved dual degree as listed in the University Bulletin.

This graduate dual degree policy does not cover graduate certificate programs.

Staff members within Graduate Affairs in the Office of the Provost will monitor application records and ensure that applicants who apply to dual degree programs are identified as “Joint Program” applicants within Campus Solutions and those who apply to multiple programs that are not dual degrees are advised throughout the admissions process that they must select a single program for matriculation.