Adding or Dropping a Course

Effective September 1, 2014

A student should consult with their advisor before adding or dropping a course, except where the add/drop consists merely of a change of section within the same course.

Courses may not be added after the second week of classes, or in some cases after the first week of classes. In some cases, adding a course requires the signature or permission of the instructor.

A standard course (one that is offered for an entire semester) dropped during the first five weeks of classes will not appear on the student’s permanent record. A standard course dropped after the first five weeks of classes will appear on the student’s record as a W. Standard courses may be dropped up to the tenth week of classes. After that point, no course may be dropped.

For courses with nonstandard dates, including online offerings, please see the deadlines listed with the course on the University Class Schedule on the MyBU Student Portal.