An officially registered student is one who is registered for classes and who has settled all charges with Student Accounting Services.

Candidates for admission to degree programs may not register until they receive a formal statement of acceptance. Students accepted to the University register according to instructions provided by their school or college.

Continuing students register for courses in October or November for the spring semester and March or April for the fall semester. Eligible continuing students may access the Student Link (a web-based system) to register for courses for the semester.

The student’s account is charged tuition and fees based on the student’s status and class selection. Students can view their student account and make payment online using the Student Link. Students may also give access to their student account details to their parents, guardian, or other third party by selecting the “ShareLink” feature on the Student Link and following the instructions.

Official registration is complete when Student Accounting Services receives full payment. Students registering after the published Registrar dates may be subject to additional fees.