History of Art & Architecture

  • GRS AH 692: Twentieth-Century Art from 1940 to 1980
    Explores art of the mid-twentieth century, addressing the following topics in relation to postwar culture and Cold War politics: realism vs. abstraction, global pop art and conceptual art, new materials and technologies, international artists' networks, and performative art practices.
  • GRS AH 693: Contemporary Art: 1980 to Now
    Explores the terms of debate, key figures, and primary sites for the production and reception of contemporary art on a global scale since 1980. Painting, installation art, new media, performance, art criticism, and curatorial practice are discussed.
  • GRS AH 727: Colloquium in Chinese Art
    Graduate Corequisites: GRS AH 728.
    (Students must also register for required co-req GRS AH 728.) This graduate-level colloquium will critically examine issues of Chinese art covered in AH327 Arts of China. Special attention will be given to recent scholarship that engages with Chinese art in a greater socio-cultural context. Effective Fall 2020, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Aesthetic Exploration, Research and Information Literacy. Must attend MWF section with AH327.
    • Aesthetic Exploration
    • Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy
    • Research and Information Literacy
  • GRS AH 733: Class Greek Art
    This course description is currently under construction.
  • GRS AH 742: Colloquium in Latin American Art
    Case studies designed to explore the main aesthetic, social, and historical discourses surrounding image production in Latin America while familiarizing students with main scholars in the field and their methodologies.
  • GRS AH 791: Colloquium in Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture
    Topic for Fall 2023: "Contemporary Art and Globalization." Considers cultural globalization as the key critical paradigm for art produced since the late 1980s. Explores how international artists, curators, and scholars have negotiated the space between local tradition and global exchange.
  • GRS AH 805: Professional Development and Placement Seminar
    Graduate Prerequisites: completion of PhD oral exam.
    Offers advanced PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss works-in-progress and structured guidance for the tasks involved in academic and curatorial job applications.
  • GRS AH 812: Seminar: Portraiture
    Topic for Fall 2023: "Picturing Race in Early Modern Europe, 1400-1700." This seminar traces a history of visual constructions of race and ethnicity in Europe through paintings, sculpture, prints, maps, and other forms of visual depiction of racial difference. Please note that this course will be building a collaborative syllabus during the first few weeks of the class.
  • GRS AH 820: Seminar: Asian Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Fall 2022 topic: "Japan on World Display." Course explores the manifold ways that Japan has been presented, performed, and received in the last 150 years through the nation's participation in major world's fairs, with attention to some domestic fairs, design exhibitions, and the Olympic
  • GRS AH 822: Seminar: African Art
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    Fall 2022 Topic: Benin Bronzes in Context With a focus on collections-based learning, this seminar explores the historical and cultural context of art of the Benin Kingdom beginning with the material culture of Ile-Ife and concluding with contemporary conversations concerning repatriation, ethical stewardship, and institutional critique.
  • GRS AH 863: Seminar: Baroque Art and Architecture
    Topic for Fall 2023: "A Golden Age? Global and Material Turns in the Study of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art." This seminar explores the so-called "Golden Age" of seventeenth-century Dutch art, with particular focus on the global and materiality studies approaches that have recently transformed the field. Classes conducted at the MFA's new Center for Netherlandish.
  • GRS AH 867: Material Culture
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    Introduction to the theory and practice of the interdisciplinary study of material culture, which includes everything we make and use, from food and clothing to art and buildings. Explores contemporary scholarship from a range of disciplines. Also offered as GRS AM 867.
  • GRS AH 887: Seminar: American Art
    Two topics are offered Spring 2022. Section A1: Visual Cultures of the American City, 1790-1910. Examines the ways that American artists interpreted urban life in the years between 1790 and 1910, a period that saw rapid urbanization, the dramatic growth of city populations, and the deepening stratification and fragmentation of urban communities. Section B1: Art and Race in the Public Sphere. This seminar centers on the historical development of and recent debates surrounding monuments and public art in the United States (with particular attention to the Boston area) that touch on issues of race.
  • GRS AH 891: Seminar: Photography
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    Historical, archival, and theoretical examinations of photography, with emphasis on its role both as document and as art. Topic for Fall 2021: The Photographic Book. Examines the photographic book from 1839 to present. Concentrates on the book as a unique form for the medium. Study image/text relationships, narrative structures, cultural constructions of message, serial quality of grouped images, and differences/similarities between literary and photographic languages.
  • GRS AH 893: Seminar: Twentieth-Century Architecture
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    Fall 2022 topic: "Government Architecture." The state is a place. What can we learn from its architecture? What can we hope from it, and how can it fail us? Focus on the United States. A joint seminar of MIT (Political Science) and BU (Architectural History).
  • GRS AH 895: Seminar: Twentieth-Century Art
    Topic for Fall 2023: "Paris 1900-1940." This interdisciplinary seminar will explore the representation of Paris in a variety of media, from the Exposition Universelle in 1900 to the beginning of World War II. We will examine literature, universal expositions, painting, photography, and film.