• GRS PY 713: Quantum Field Theory I
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS PY 511 and CAS PY 512.
    Provides an introduction to the techniques of quantum field theory with applications to high-energy and condensed-matter physics. Topics include field equations and quantization of many-body systems; Green function and linear response theory; S-matrix and scattering theory; path integration; perturbation expansions and the Feynman rules; renormalization and effective field theories; epsilon expansion and critical exponents.
  • GRS PY 714: Quantum Field Theory II
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS PY 713 and GRS PY 751; or equivalent.
    A continuation of GRS PY 713 for particle physicists. Topics include relativistic fields; LSZ formalism; the Lorentz group; quantum electrodynamics; non-Abelian gauge symmetry; spontaneous symmetry breaking; Goldstone's theorem; the Higgs mechanism; the Glashow-Weinberg-Salam model.
  • GRS PY 731: Theory of Relativity
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS PY 521 ; CAS PY 522 ; CAS PY 531; or consent of instructor.
    An introduction to general relativity: the principle of equivalence; Riemannian geometry; Einstein's field equation; the Schwarzschild solution; the Newtonian limit; experimental tests; black holes; cosmology.
  • GRS PY 741: Solid-State Physics I
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS PY 511 ; CAS PY 512 ; CAS PY 541 ; CAS PY 543; or equivalent.
    One electron band structure: Formalism: Hartree-Fock, density functional frameworks. Methods: Green function, pseudopotentials and tight binding. Linear response. Optical properties. Elastic properties. Phonons: lattice dynamics and phenomenological methods. Electronic instabilities and transitions. Topological aspects of band structure and topological phases.
  • GRS PY 745: Experimental Surface Physics and Chemistry
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PY 543; or consent of instructor.
    Introduction to the principles and experimental techniques of surface and interface physics and chemistry. Electronic, structural, vibrational, and magnetic properties of solid surfaces and interfaces. Emphasis on how these properties are measured. Also vacuum technology and x-ray generation.
  • GRS PY 751: High-Energy Physics 1
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS PY 511 and CAS PY 512; or consent of instructor.
    Yearlong course (with GRS PY 752) on phenomenological aspects of modern high-energy physics. Principal topics are the standard model of strong and electro-weak interactions and the physics of electro-weak symmetry breaking. Intended for both theoretical and experimental students; emphasis on current calculational techniques.
  • GRS PY 811: Advanced Quantum Field Theory
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS PY 713.
    Covers Scale Invariant Theories and Conformal Invariant Theories in various dimensions with applications to quantum criticality, statistical physics, and high-energy physics.
  • GRS PY 895: Seminar: Special Topics in Theoretical Physics
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Theoretical research topics include general relativity, quantum field theory, high energy and particle physics, phase transitions, renormalization group, laser physics, kinetic equations, biophysics, computational physics, and selected topics in mathematical physics.
  • GRS PY 961: Scholarly Methods in Physics 1
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Introduction to scholarly methods in physics teaching and research: effective STEM instructional techniques; successful oral and written presentations; reading and reporting scientific literature; ethical obligations in physics teaching and research; career paths in physics. Required of first-semester doctoral students.