• GRS AA 716: African Diaspora Arts in the Americas
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Study of the transmission of African artistry in the Caribbean, South America, and the United States from the period of slavery to the present. Topics include Kongo and Yoruba arts and their influence on the arts of Santeria, Vodun, and carnival. Also offered as GRS AH 716.
  • GRS AA 808: Seminar: Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS SO 207; consent of instructor.
    Formation and position of ethnic minorities in the United States, including cross-group comparisons from England, Africa, and other parts of the world. Readings and field experience. Also offered as GRS SO 808.
  • GRS AA 871: African American History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    The history of African Americans from African origins to the present; consideration of slavery, reconstruction, and ethnic relations from the colonial era to our own time. Also offered as GRS HI 871.
  • GRS AA 880: Blacks in Modern Europe
    Readings from recent scholarly books on Blacks in Britain, France, Germany, and Russia, as well as related primary materials revealing the evolving image of Blacks in European history, folklore, religion, art, and literature. Also offered as GRS HI 760.
  • GRS AA 882: History of Religion in Pre-Colonial Africa
    The study of the development of religious traditions in Africa during the period prior to European colonialism. An emphasis on both indigenous religions and the growth and spread of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the continent as a whole. Also offered as GRS HI 749 and GRS RN 682.
  • GRS AA 885: Atlantic History
    Examines the various interactions that shaped the Atlantic World, connecting Europe, Africa, and the Americas between 1400 and 1800. Begins by defining the political interaction, then emphasizes cultural exchange, religious conversion, and the revolutionary era. Also offered as GRS HI 750.
  • GRS AA 888: Black Radical Thought
    Black radical thought in America, Europe, and Africa since the eighteenth century through writings of abolitionists, leaders of revolutions and liberation movements, Black nationalists, and Black socialists. Emphasizes the global nature of the "Black World" and its role in world history. Also offered as GRS HI 761.
  • GRS AA 901: Directed Study in African American Studies
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
  • GRS AH 699: Teaching College History of Art & Architecture I
    The goals, contents, and methods of instruction in the history of art & architecture. General teaching- learning issues. Required of all teaching fellows.
  • GRS AH 713: Imperial Reflections: Early Modern Islamic Art and Architecture
    Architecture, manuscripts, textiles, metalwork, and ceramics of the Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid Empires. Focus on the formation of imperial styles, intersections between art and politics, and the importance of the arts in dynastic legitimization.
  • GRS AH 726: Colloquium in Japanese Art
    The arts of Japan from prehistory through the twentieth century. Painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and architecture (including landscape architecture) are emphasized, but attention is also paid to wood block prints, ceramics, lacquer, and metalwork.
  • GRS AH 782: Colloquium in Nineteenth-Century Architecture in Europe and America
    Dilemma of style in nineteenth-century architecture; study of the relationship of architectural theory to the changing philosophy and aesthetic theory of the period. Development of functionalist theory.
  • GRS AH 786: Colloquium in Twentieth-Century American Painting
    The colloquium, which accompanies the lecture course for CAS AH 386, focuses on critical and theoretical readings that relate to twentieth-century American painting, photography, sculpture, installation and performance art, and criticism.
  • GRS AH 798: Colloquium in Twentieth-Century Architecture
    In conjunction with the CAS AH 398 lecture course, this colloquium focuses on main figures, events, artifacts of twentieth-century architectural history.
  • GRS AH 822: Seminar: African Art
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    In-depth discussion of special topics in the study of African art and architecture. Topic for Fall 2013: Post- Colonial Theory and Visual Culture in Northwestern Africa. This seminar underscores the continuing importance of post-colonial theory to understanding the history of African art, concentrating on historic and contemporary visual culture in Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, and Niger.
  • GRS AH 846: Seminar: Romanesque and Gothic Art
    Detailed study of the castles, cathedrals, and works of art produced in Anglo-Norman England. Topics include contemporary attitudes toward images, monastic art, allegory, nostalgia, symbolism, parody, the grotesque, building techniques, and patronage. Among the works studied are Canterbury Cathedral, Durham Cathedral, the Tower of London, and the Bayeux Tapestry.
  • GRS AH 853: Seminar: Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Topic for Fall 2010: The Renaissance Studiolo.
  • GRS AH 863: Seminar: Baroque Art and Architecture
    Topic for Fall 2013: Rembrandt. Rembrandt is one of the most contested figures in the history of art. This seminar considers Rembrandt's art and career within the context of his social and cultural worlds through a variety of art historical approaches.
  • GRS AH 867: Material Culture
    Introduction to the theory and practice of the interdisciplinary study of material culture, which includes everything we make and use, from food and clothing to art and buildings. Explores contemporary scholarship from a range of disciplines. Also offered as GRS AM 867.
  • GRS AH 886: Seminar: American Painting
    Topic for Spring 2012: Visual Culture of the Civil War Era (1840-1870). American visual culture from 1850 to 1870. Slavery, Sectionalism, Civil War, Emancipation, the death of Lincoln, and Reconstruction in painting, sculpture, book illustration, the illustrated weeklies, photography, exhibitions, and organized urban spectacles.