College of Arts & Sciences students who intend to complete teacher licensure requirements must make their decision early to allow for careful program planning. College of Arts & Sciences students have the option of meeting licensure requirements in secondary education by completing required courses offered through the School of Education (SED) as a complement to their CAS major, or through the Boston University Dual Degree Program (BUDDP). Students interested in elementary, early childhood, bilingual (English as a Second Language), or special education may meet licensure requirements through BUDDP. Interested students should make an appointment with the SED Undergraduate Student Services office at 617-353-3177 or, to determine their options and to receive program requirements. All students must be accepted into a teacher licensure program before entering the advanced prepracticum and practicum courses.

To be considered for admission, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a B− or higher in SED ED 100/101.

Minors in the School of Education

The School of Education faculty has designed five minors for students who are interested in education policies and practices, but not intending to complete teacher licensure requirements. The minors are in education; deaf studies; mathematics education; physical education, health education & coaching; and special education. For more information about these minors, or to make an appointment to discuss requirements, contact the SED Undergraduate Student Services office at or 617-353-3177.