Minor in Teaching Science Education

The minor in Teaching Science Education is open to students who want to pursue a career in teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or General Science and who have an appropriate grounding in a related science field. The program explores instructional theory grounded in evidence-based practices for communicating science effectively in formal and informal spaces. Supervised fieldwork complements coursework to provide practical insights into the dynamics of science teaching and learning. The 28-credit minor prepares students for initial Massachusetts state licensure in biology, chemistry, or physics for grades 8–12 and in general science for grades 5–8.

Learning Outcomes

  • Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment: Promotes the learning and growth of all students by providing high quality and coherent instruction, designing and administering authentic and meaningful student assessments, analyzing student performance and growth data, using this data to improve instruction, providing students with constructive feedback on an ongoing basis, and continuously refining learning objectives.
  • Teaching All Students: Promotes the learning and growth of all students through instructional practices that establish high expectations, create a safe and effective classroom environment, and demonstrate cultural proficiency.
  • Meeting Diverse Needs: Promotes the learning and growth of all students through ethical, culturally proficient, skilled, and collaborative practice.

Requirements for the Minor

  • SED SC 575 Foundations in Science Education (4 cr)
    • OR SED SC 521 Intro to Science Education Theory and Practice (2 cr) and SC 375 Exploring Science Teaching: A Practical Experience (2 cr)
  • SED TL 525 Teaching English Language Learners in Middle/High Schools (4 cr)
  • SED DS 502 Introduction to Adolescent Development (2 cr)
  • SED SC 570 Science Teaching Methods 1 (4 cr)
  • SED SC 576 Science Teaching Pre-Practicum (2 cr)
  • SED CT 534 A Practical Approach to Classroom Management (2 cr)
  • SED SE 510 Special Education Curriculum and Instruction (2 cr)
  • SED SC 509/510 Student Teaching Practicum (includes seminar) (8 cr)