Related Interdisciplinary Programs

  • BA in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) integrates coursework in the areas of biology and chemistry, providing exceptional preparation for advanced degrees in the biomedical sciences or work in the biotechnology field. A dual degree BA/MA in Biotechnology is also available. Faculty in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics contribute to BMB coursework.
  • BA and Minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences
    Earth & Environmental Sciences engages students in the study of the Earth with a focus on the key natural and physical processes that shape our planet. Majors choose a focus in one of three areas: Ecosystems, Earth & Climate, or Earth Observations. Students are prepared for graduate study in the field or for entry-level employment in a variety of professions. Faculty in both Biology and Earth & Environment teach Earth & Environmental Sciences courses.
  • BA and Minor in Marine Science
    Marine Science provides a rigorous, interdisciplinary education comprised of courses in biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography. Graduates are prepared for marine-related positions in commercial, educational, governmental, and nonprofit organizations and for admission to graduate school in a range of fields. Marine Science courses are taught by Biology and Earth & Environment faculty.
  • BA in Neuroscience
    The Neuroscience major focuses on the study of the mind, brain, and behavior. Students have the opportunity to study one of the three central domains of neuroscience in depth: cellular & systems, cognition & behavior, or computation. Neuroscience courses are taught by faculty in a range of related departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, and Psychological & Brain Sciences.