Related Interdisciplinary Programs

  • BA in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/MA Program in Biotechnology
    Consult the Biotechnology section of this Bulletin or see Professor Celenza in the Biology Department for further information.
  • BA and Minor in Environmental Science
    Faculty in the Department of Biology also contribute to the major in environmental science, which is administered through the Department of Earth & Environment. This major is designed to provide interdisciplinary training in environmental science and includes coursework in biology, earth sciences, and geography.
  • BA and Minor in Marine Science
    Marine Science is an interdisciplinary program, offering both a major and a minor, to which biology faculty members contribute along with colleagues from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Earth & Environment.
  • BA in Neuroscience
    An interdisciplinary program leading to the BA in Neuroscience combines approaches to the study of mind and behavior from biology, psychology, and the computational sciences.