African Studies

The African Studies Center within the Pardee School of Global Studies offers two undergraduate minors and encourages study abroad in Africa:

  • Rabat, Morocco
    The Rabat Language & Liberal Arts Program provides students the opportunity to study Arabic language and Islamic and North African culture in Rabat, the cosmopolitan capital city of Morocco. Along with an intensive study of Arabic language, students explore the history, politics, and religion of Morocco and this ever-changing region of the world through coursework, homestays, and excursions.
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania
    A summer program in Zanzibar focuses on the unique cultures and identities of the island, a crossroads of African, Persian, Indian, and European cultures for nearly two millennia. This program explores the history of Zanzibar as a center of international trade, slavery, and colonial expansion, the legacies of social division and political centralization left by colonial rule, and the ways in which Zanzibar’s experience differs from and interacts with the histories of Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, and other neighboring states. Students take one course on political and cultural history as well as one Swahili language course.