Minor in English Education

The minor in English Education is a 24-credit minor that includes 16 credits of English Education coursework. Students may then choose to pursue a general pathway of 8 elective credits or a pre-licensure pathway of 8 credits. The elective courses can be selected from courses focused on English education, general education, or educational methods.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the key pedagogical content knowledge components of English education, including lesson design, teaching diverse readers, teaching writing, and appropriate selection of literature for various audiences. Additionally, students will explore issues of equity and diversity often faced by the field and how they might be addressed.

Depending on the pathway and specific electives chosen, students might also demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The larger role of schools in society
  • Collaboration between schools and communities
  • Classroom management
  • Supporting language learners
  • Supporting students with disabilities

Core courses (16 credits)—required

  • CAS/SED EN 538 Teaching American Literature (4 cr)
  • SED EN 500 Lesson Design and Instruction Delivery in the Humanities (2 cr)
  • SED EN 501 Teaching Classic and Contemporary Texts (4 cr)
  • SED EN 512 Methods of Teaching Writing in Secondary English Language Arts (4 cr)
  • SED EN 630 Educating for Equity and Literacy in the Humanities (2 cr)

Elective courses (8 credits)

Additional elective courses in education to be selected in consultation with the student’s advisor.

OR Pre-licensure pathway (8 credits):

  • SED DS 502 Adolescent Development (2 cr) or SED SE 510 Introduction to Special Education (2 cr)
  • SED EN 520 Pre-practicum in English Education (2 cr)
  • SED TL 525 Teaching English Learners: Middle/High School (4 cr)