Minor in Pre-Deaf Education

The Pre-Deaf Education minor is designed to provide foundations in the principles of language, literacy, and cognitive development necessary for working in Deaf Education. This program is unique in its commitment to educational programming that creates meaningful roles for American Sign Language, English, and Deaf culture. Successful completion of this minor (a B+ or higher in all of the required courses) in turn allows students to enter a fast-tracked, one-year EdM in Deaf Education (rather than the typical two-year EdM). More information about the EdM is available on the EdM in Deaf Education page.

26 credits are required.

Required Courses

  • DE 372 Social Psych & the Deaf World (4 cr)
  • DE 385 ASL V (2 cr)
  • DE 386 ASL VI (2 cr)
  • DE 472 Sign Language Structure (4 cr)
  • DE 576 Bilingual ASL/English Development, Assessment, and Planning for Deaf Children (4 cr)
  • DE 577 ASL/English Bilingual Instruction (4 cr)
  • DE 578 ASL/English Literacy Instruction (4 cr)

Field-Based Practicum Experience

  • DE 574 Pre-Practicum in Deaf Education (2 cr)