Minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) minor includes courses designed to build students’ knowledge and skills related to (a) understanding the history, etiology, and characteristics of ASD; (b) conducting educational assessments of students with ASD; (c) developing and implementing Individualized Education Programs for students with ASD; and (d) collaborating with professionals and families in the development and implementation of Individualized Education Programs.

This minor is open to all BU undergraduate students; however, it may be of particular interest to students intending to work in education, human services, medicine, or law. Undergraduate Wheelock students seeking licensure in Moderate Disabilities PreK–8 or 5–12, or Severe Disabilities ages 3–21 will be eligible for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) Autism Endorsement (603 CMR 7.14(5)) if they complete the requirements as a part of their degree program.

Required Courses

20 credits for minor; 22 for those eligible and also seeking MA DESE endorsement

  • SED SE 250 Disability, Education, and Public Policy (4 cr) (first course required for minor)
  • SED SE 317 Fieldwork in Special Education: Autism (2 cr) (for those seeking a minor only)
  • SED SE 596 Practicum: Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4 cr) 150 hours for those seeking a licensure in Moderate Disabilities or Severe Disabilities and MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement
  • SED SE 502 Behavioral and Emotional Problems: Characteristics and Methods (4 cr)
  • SED SE 533 The Families of Children with Special Needs (4 cr)
  • SED SE 534 Classroom and Behavior Management (2 cr)
  • SED SE 535 Understanding Autism (2 cr)
  • SED SE 536 Assessment and Instruction of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4 cr)
  • SED SE 601 Parent and Professional Collaboration (2 cr)