Urban Studies Minor

The Urban Studies Minor seeks young urban enthusiasts eager to broaden their horizons through exposure to multidisciplinary urban courses. From the myriad of cultures, people, and economic opportunity that exist in cities to the nuts and bolts of what makes cities sustainable and attractive places to be, this minor is a holistic look at what students need to pursue careers in 21st century urban centers.

The Urban Studies Minor is designed for students who are interested in applying their passions of urban topics to a curriculum that can help prepare them for careers involved in the opportunities and problems that cities present, not only in the United States but around the world. Students have the opportunity to take a wide array of courses that provide an interdisciplinary approach to understanding urban issues; varying urban perspectives are offered through social, political, economic, and environmental lenses, which include classes taught through MET and SED in addition to CAS.

Minor Requirements

A total of six (4-credit) courses are required, all completed with a grade of C or higher.

  • At least ONE must pertain to architecture, urban planning, design, and development topics (below)
  • At least ONE must pertain to social, economic, and political topics (below).
  • The six total courses must come from at least THREE different departments.

All rules pertaining to CAS majors will apply, including a limit of no more than four MET courses to be counted per student toward a degree from CAS.

In addition to meeting the course requirements, students are strongly encouraged to attend one lunch discussion each semester hosted by the Initiative on Cities. These sessions will be specially scheduled and open only to those in the minor, with the goal of creating a cohort and fostering relationships among interested students and between students and the Initiative. Students will also be invited to all Initiative events, conferences, and seminars.