BA/MA and BA/MS Programs

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) jointly offer a number of Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA) and Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science (BA/MS) programs, which enable qualified students entering their junior year to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies concurrently. (See main CAS Programs page or main GRS Programs page for programs of study that offer a BA/MA or a BA/MS option.)

Students in a BA/MA or BA/MS program, in consultation with their BA/MA or BA/MS faculty advisor, develop a plan of study that focuses on greater depth and integration of concepts in the chosen discipline. The number of required courses ranges from 36 to 40, minimizing duplication of coursework while ensuring that students complete a full BA and a full master’s experience, including theses or capstone components.

Important Notes for Prospective BA/MA or BA/MS Students

  • Planning ahead. Prospective students are urged to contact the department BA/MA or BA/MS advisor well in advance of application to begin development of their plan of study.
  • Departmental requirements. Detailed statements of departmental requirements are available from the BA/MA or BA/MS advisor in the appropriate department.
  • Limited to certain areas of study. In most cases, the BA/MA or BA/MS programs restrict major fields of study to those fields in which the MA or MS is offered in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences; be aware that the BA/MA or BA/MS programs are limited to certain areas of study and are not available in all programs.
  • Dual degree students. The BA/MA or BA/MS programs are not available to Boston University dual degree program students.
  • BA portion. The BA/MA or BA/MS programs are designed primarily for students with one CAS BA major. BA/MA or BA/MS applications from students with two or more CAS majors will be reviewed by the GRS Associate Dean for satisfactory academic progress, upon a recommendation of admission from the department to which a student applies.
  • Restricted to CAS students, with caveats. The BA/MA or BA/MS programs are restricted to students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences. Students enrolled in other undergraduate colleges at Boston University must apply for an intra-University transfer into the College of Arts & Sciences before making an application to this program.


  • BA/MA and BA/MS program applications are available at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Admissions office (705 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 112), or you may request an application be emailed to you by contacting
  • Applicants must apply before March 1 of their junior year.
  • Applicants must meet a GPA requirement of at least 3.0 through the end of their junior year (some departments may have higher requirements; please consult with the department’s BA/MA or BA/MS advisor).
  • Seniors may not apply.


Students receive both the BA and the MA or MS degrees simultaneously and only after completing both programs’ requirements. Since two diplomas are issued, separate graduation applications must be submitted—a graduation application for the BA filed with CAS and a graduation application for either the MA or the MS degree filed with GRS.

  • The CAS Intent to Graduate form is available online or at CAS Academic Advising at 100 Bay State Road, on the fourth floor. This form must be filed no later than one year before the intended date of graduation.
  • The GRS master’s candidates graduation information and diploma deadlines are available at the GRS Graduation Information webpage. The GRS master’s diploma application is available online or at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Records office at 705 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 112.