RISE Practicum

RISE Practicum

Pursue Research in:

Computational Neurobiology

The six-week Practicum enables students entering their senior year to carry out meaningful research in a structured lab setting. Weekly workshops with the RISE Program Manager also introduce students to the scientific process, research ethics, reading a research paper, and networking in the scientific community.

If you have an interest in learning about systems neuroscience, neurobiology, using the scientific method, and designing computational models of the brain, then the Practicum track is for you. The RISE Practicum combines lab work with instructor-led lectures in order to provide the opportunity to conduct research. You will work together with other students under the guidance of an instructor, who delivers morning research-intensive lectures and oversees afternoon lab work. The lab experiments are designed to demonstrate procedures that are representative of neurobiology research focused on computational modeling of neural systems. In addition to workshops with the RISE Program Manager, you will participate in weekly activities such as industry site tours and research talks. While the Practicum has clearly-outlined protocols and requires methodical and thorough collection, measurement, and synthesis of data, the final outcome of the research—as with all scientific research—cannot be predicted in advance. At the conclusion of the program, Practicum students will present their research alongside Internship track students at the RISE Poster Symposium.

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