Welcome to the Shaw Center

Our Mission: The Anna Howard Shaw Center exists to promote structures and practices that empower women and honor diversity. Read more about our growth: Statement of Confession and Action.

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The Shaw Center will not host events over the summer. See you in the Fall!!

Spring 2021 Highlights

  • Read our latest newsletter “The Wisdom in Our Lament” AHSC Spring 2021 Newsletter
  • Thursday Lunch Lecture Series:
    • Recordings of our Lectures can be found on our Facebook and all flyers are posted on our Thursday Lunch Lectures page under “Events”
  • Women in the World 2021: Latinas and Religious Leadership
    • You can access the recording of our conference here!

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Fall 2020 Highlights

  • Read our Fall Newsletter: “I Know Your Story Because I Know Mine”
  • Thursday Lunch Lecture Series
  •  .

Learn about the Shaw Center from our video celebrating 40 years!