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On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 we hosted the Women in the World Conference.

We celebrated 40 years of the Anna Howard Shaw Center!

During the Awards Banquet we honored Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore as the Anna Howard Shaw Award Recipient. Take a look at the video celebrating the Anna Howard Shaw Center’s 40 years! 


  • The Spring 2018 Newsletter  has been published! It celebrates the 40 years of the Anna Howard Shaw Center and gives a recap of our Women in the World Conference and Award.



  • The Fall 2017 Newsletter has been published! It focuses on the theme, “Women & Politics ,” and gives a recap of our 2nd Annual multicultural Expo.




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The Anna Howard Shaw Center exists to promote structures and practices that empower women and honor diversity.


Student Testimonials:

“The Anna Howard Shaw Center is one of the more concrete spaces that fosters a sense of community. Anyone can come here and know that they can get a cup of tea and a couch to sleep on. I also like that it is a space within the School of Theology that provides solitude for persons of gendered minorities and free lunch.” —Nathan Bakken, (MDiv, 2017)
“Without the Shaw Center, I would probably not survive. The place, coffee, food, people, and conversation–everything the Shaw Center sustains and nourishes me.”–Hyebin Hong, (MTS, 2012/PhD, 2019)
“Anna Howard Shaw has been a great resource for students; outside of their weekly events, they are supportive of student lead initiatives. Ideas come to fruition with the support of the institution, and AHSC will be one of the change agents in the process of making ideas into reality.”– Ylisse Bess-Washington, (MDiv, 2017)