Welcome, 2015-2016 Dean’s Ambassadors

Main building, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston UniversityThe Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University is proud to present its 2015-2016 class of Dean’s Ambassadors.

Dean’s Ambassadors are outstanding student citizens and leaders from the Pardee School’s graduate and undergraduate academic programs. They are passionate and knowledgeable about the Pardee School and about Boston University,  and represent the Dean and the School at events with prospective students, alumni, and distinguished guests.

This, the second class, of Pardee School Dean’s Ambassadors were selected after a rigorous multi-stage competitive process that was open to all graduate and undergraduate students at the School. The process includes a formal application and interviews and is be held at the beginning of each academic year. Dean’s Ambassadors are appointed for a term of one academic year.

In congratulatory letters to the new batch of Dean’s Ambassadors, Dean Adil Najam  wrote that the selection process “looked at all aspects of academic excellence, good citizenship, and leadership.

“I look forward to learning from you about your own aspirations for the Pardee School as well as the aspirations of your fellow students,” Najam said. “As a Dean’s Ambassador at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies you will have the responsibility to represent the Pardee School and of Boston University – in that, your responsibility is not unlike my own!”

Dean Najam appreciated the good work done by the outgoing  inaugural class of Pardee School Dean’s Ambassadors, who have set high standards for this batch and future Dean’s Ambassadors to follow.

The 2015-2016 class of Pardee School Dean’s Ambassadors includes:

  • Ellen Asermly (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • Bethany Bell (MA GDP, Pardee’16)
  • Katie Bergamini (MA IRIC, Pardee’16)
  • Giselle Blanco-Santana (BA IR, Pardee’16)
  • Joanna Brown (MA IA, Pardee’17)
  • Jane Dimnwaobi (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • Jessica Duque (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Sarah Eldredge (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Jonathan Hauser (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • Meredith Hauser (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Kayla Izenman (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • Courtney Kramer (MA GDP, Pardee’17)
  • Caroline Lord (BA MENA Studies & Asian Studies, Pardee’18)
  • Ashley Maldonado (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Asha Mehrotra (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Tara Moore (MA IREP, Pardee’17)
  • Jessica Nario (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • James Paige (BA IR, Pardee’18)
  • Taylor Pfromer (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Anushka Pinto (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Ian Rollins (BA IR, Pardee’16)
  • Olivia Ryder (BA IR, Pardee’16)
  • Benjamin Salamin (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Alyssa Scheiner (BA IR & MENA, Pardee’17)
  • Gabriela Serrano (BA IR, Pardee’17)
  • Andrew Vannostrand (MA IRRN, Pardee’17)

The new batch of Dean’s Ambassadors will join Dean Najam for a welcome luncheon on Oct. 21.