BU Neuroscience Faculty

(Graduate training faculty in GPN are listed under program description)


Name Department Research Interest
CARMELA ABRAHAM Biochemistry Aging and Alzheimer’s
MARTIN ALBERT Neurology Language and the aging brain
JELLE ATEMA Biology Sensory biology, behavioral ecology
HELEN BARBAS Health Science, Anatomy & Neurobiology Organization of the prefrontal cortex; patterns of neural interactions
MICHAEL J. BAUM Biology Behavioral neuroendocrinology
MARLENE OSCAR BERMAN Anatomy & Neurobiology Alcoholism and aging
J. KRYSZTOF BLUSZTAJN Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Effects of perinatal availability of an essential nutrient, choline, on the brain development and aging in experimental animals
JASON BOHLAND Health Science Speech
CAMRON D. BRYANT Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Molecular genetics of addiction, QTLs, signal transduction
DANIEL H. BULLOCK Cognitive & Neural Systems

Neural Models
BARAK CAINE Psychology Roles of distinct monoamine transporters and receptor subtypes in the psychomotor and abuse-related effects of cocaine and amphetamine.
GAIL A. CARPENTER Cognitive & Neural Systems

Neural models of vision, synaptic transmission, and circadian rhythms
JERRY CHEN Biology Large-scale cortical networks, sensorimotor processing, neurodevelopment
JAMES A. CHERRY Psychology Cellular mechanisms underlying cognitive and sensory processes
MICHAEL A. COHEN Cognitive & Neural Systems

Computer Science
Speech and language processing, measurement theory, neural modeling, dynamical systems, art
STEVEN H. COLBURN Biomedical Engineering Modeling of binaural hearing performance
M. CARTER CORNWALL Physiology & Biophysics Physiology and Biophysics
PIETRO COTTONE Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Addictive behaviors
ALICE CRONIN-GOLOMB Psychology Vision cognition in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
IAN DAVISON Biology Neural circuit architecture; cortical information storage
URI TZVI EDEN Mathematics and Statistics Mathematical and statistical methods to analyze neural spiking activity
HOWARD EICHENBAUM Psychological and Brain Sciences, Center for Memory and Brain Learning and memory
SOLOMON R. EISENBERG Biomedical Engineering Electrically mediated phenomena in tissues and

WILLIAM D. ELDRED Biology Role of the gaseous neurotransmitters, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide in visual processing
DAVID H. FARB Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Cognition, anxiety, drug abuse, and the discovery of novel therapeutics using in vitro and in vivo models
LINDSAY A. FARRER Medicine Genetic risk factors in multiple diseases of the brain, including Alzheimer’s and addiction
CHRISTOPHER GABEL Physiology & Biophysics Neural regeneration in C. Elegens
J. FERNANDO GARCIA_DIAZ Physiology & Biophysics Expression & modulation of ion channels
TIM GARDNER Biology Neural circuit formation in songbirds.
SIMONE GILL Health Science, Anatomy & Neurobiology Influence of bodies and environmental demands on walking and motor functioning across the lifespan
LEE GOLDSTEIN Psychiatry, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Biomedical Engineering Understanding the role of abnormal protein aggregation in chronic degenerative disorders of aging
STEPHEN GROSSBERG Cognitive and Neural Systems Vision and visual object recognition; audition, speech, and language
FRANK GUENTHER Cognitive and Neural Systems Speech production, speech perception, and sensory-motor control
XUE HAN Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Optogenetics, neural circuitry, synchrony
DAVID HARRIS Biochemistry Molecular and cell biology of prion diseases
MICHAEL HASSELMO Psychological and Brain Sciences, Center for Memory and Brain, Center for Systems Neuroscience Memory-guided behavior
TARIK HAYDAR Anatomy & Neurobiology Neural Development and Intellectual Disorders
ANGELA HO Biology Molecular and cellular basis of synaptic function and Alzheimer’s disease
KENNETH HOLT Physical Therapy & Athletic Training Systems dynamics, control and coordination of locomotion
MARC HOWARD Psychological and Brain Sciences, Center for Memory and Brain Cognition and neural representation of time
ALLYN E. HUBBARD Biomedical Engineering Auditory physiology; modeling; neurocomputing
TSUNEYA IKEZU Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics and Neurology Neuroimmunology
KATHLEEN M. KANTAK Psychology Addiction
GARY B. KAPLAN Psychiatry, Pharmacology, and Psychology Addiction
TERENCE KEANE Psychiatry Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
THOMAS KEMPER Anatomy and Neurobiology Neuropathology of aging
GERALD KIDD, Jr Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Auditory perception and processing of complex sounds in multiple-sound environments
SWATHI KIRAN Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Language processing and language recovery mechanisms
ERIC KOLACZYK Mathematics and Statistics Statistical analysis of network-indexed data; biological networks modeling and data analysis
MARK A. KON Mathematics and Statistics Machine learning, bioinformatics, mathematical neural network theory
NANCY KOPELL Mathematics Rhythmic behavior in networks of neurons
CONAN KORNETSKY Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Drug addiction and behavioral pharmacology/psychology
MARK KRAMER Mathematics and Statistics Neural dynamics; neural rhythms in  normal and diseased brains
SUSAN E. LEEMAN Pharmacology Substance P, neurotensin, and neuroinflammation
SIMON LEVY Physiology and Biophysics Calcium signaling in nerve cells
JACQUELINE A. LIEDERMAN Psychology Neural mechanisms underlying behavior
KIMBERLY LEITE MORRIS Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Addictive disorders
JEN-WEI LIN Biology Electrophysiology and molecular mechanisms of secretion
SAM LING Psychology Attentional system, prioritized processing of external stimuli.
JENNIFER LUEBKE Anatomy and Neurobiology Electrophysiological and morphological properties of neurons
MICHAEL LYONS Biopsychology Genetic influences on psychopathology, substance abuse, and aging.
HENGYE MAN Biology Synaptic plasticity, glutamate receptor, protein trafficking
MELANIE L. MATTHIES Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Speech perception in normal hearing and with hearing loss
JOSEPH MCGUIRE Psychological & Brain Sciences Cognitive neuroscience of human decision making
MARK MOSS Anatomy and Neurobiology Interaction of the prefrontal cortices with the medial temporal lobe limbic system in cognition
DAVID I. MOSTOFSKY Psychology Psychoimmunology
RICHARD H. MYERS Neurology and Medicine Genetic research methods for the investigation of adult onset
diseases with complex etiology
MARGARET A. NAESER Neurology Aphasia research
S. HAMID NAWAB Biomedical Engineering Signal processing for brain signals from electrical transmissions of neural activity
DEEPAK PANDYA Anatomy and Neurobiology Connectivity of cerebral cortex
ALAN PETERS Anatomy and Neurobiology Aging
PENNY PRATHER Neurology Developmental disorders
TYLER PERRACHIONE Health Science, Anatomy & Neurobiology Developmental disorders of language and reading
WENDY QIU Psychiatry and Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease
ROBERT REINHART Psychological Brain Sciences Human neuroscience of visual perception and cognition
JASON RITT Biomedical Engineering Sensorimotor behaviors; biological active sensing
DOUGLAS ROSENE Anatomy and Neurobiology Neural bases of cognitive decline
KENNETH J. ROTHSCHILD Physics & Physiology Energy Transduction, Ion Transport, and Signal Recognition
MICHELE RUCCI Psychology, Biomedical Engineering Active perception in biological and artificial systems
JARRET R. RUSHMORE Anatomy & Neurobiology Neural circuits underlying visual neglect
SHELLEY J. RUSSEK Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Biology Brain Inhibition and its regulation by neurotrophins, molecular basis of epilepsy, autism and depression, gene based therapeutics
VALENTINA SABINO Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Addiction and anxiety as modeled in behaving animals
KARIN SCHON Anatomy & Neurobiology Role of aerobic exercise as a modulator of cognitive function and brain health in aging and Alzheimer’s disease
JUDITH SCHOTLAND Health Sciences Neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and neuroanatomy
ERIC L. SCHWARTZ Cognitive and Neural Systems

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Anatomy and
Computational neuroscience, machine vision, neuroanatomy, neural modeling
KAMAL SEN Biomedical Engineering Neural substrates of selectivity for and discrimination of different categories of natural sounds
MICHAEL Y. SHERMAN Biochemistry Prion proteins and neurodegeneration
BARBARA G. SHINN-CUNNINGHAM Cognitive and Neural Systems

Biomedical Engineering
Auditory attention and auditory scene analysis
CASSANDRA SMITH Biomedical Engineering schizophrenia, autism, epigenetics, metabolomics
DONALD SIWEK Anatomy & Neurobiology Neurobiology of sleep
JEAN-JACQUES SOGHOMONIAN Anatomy & Neurobiology Parkinson’s disease
DAVID SOMERS Psychology Visual perception and cognition
H. EUGENE STANLEY Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering Anomalous behavior of liquid water in bulk, nanoconfined, and biological environments
CARA E. STEPP Sleep, Language and Hearing Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Sensorimotor function disorders
CHANTAL E. STERN Psychological and Brain Sciences, Center for Memory and Brain Short-term and long-term memory
ROBERT STERN Neurology Alzheimer’s disease; brain trauma
CHRIS STREETER Psychiatry Addictive disorders
HELEN TAGER-FLUSBERG Anatomy and Neurobiology

AMANDA TARULLO Psychology Effects of early experiences on the neural and behavioral development of infants and young children
MALVIN C. TEICH Electrical & Computer Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Sensory signal processing
LOUIS TOTH Anatomy and Neurobiology Visual pathway
JASON TOURVILLE Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Speech motor control; neuroimaging; neuroanatomy
JAMES F. A. TRANIELLO Biology Behavioral ecology
LUCIA M. VAINA Biomedical Engineering

Computational visual neuroscience
SANDOR VAJDA Biomedical Engineering Scientific computing, primarily optimization; computational chemistry and biology
MIEKE VERFAELLIE Psychiatry Memory disorders
HERBERT F. VOIGT Biomedical Engineering

Auditory neurophysiology
RICHARD D. WAINFORD Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Brain control over hypertension
FRED WASSERMAN Biology Animal behavior, bird song, territoriality
GLORIA WATERS Speech,Language and Hearing Localization of language functions
ERIC WIDMAIER Biology Neuroendocrinology
BENJAMIN WOLOZIN Pharmacology Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
ARASH YAZDANBAKHSH Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology Human vision and its modeling; human electrophysiology and psychophysics