The Neuroscience Mission of Boston University is an outgrowth of the collective academic and research accomplishments of its many talented faculty who are empowered by the dedication and intellectual ability of their students. Together they face the challenge of unraveling the mysteries of brain function and harnessing them to understand how we interpret the world around us, how we evolved and continue to evolve, and how through our discoveries we can repair or prevent the loss of brain processes that are critical to the quality of our existence.

The broad range of neuroscience research activities across both the Charles River and Medical campuses is augmented by scientific retreats, innovative workshops, and collaborative research grants that stimulate new scientific partnerships across the diverse laboratories of the University.  A variety of neuroscience Centers across the University interface with the neuroscience community to provide a network of opportunities for both faculty and students.

The neuroscience faculty support two major University-wide training programs: Undergraduate and Graduate. The goal of these programs is to allow students to move freely between departments, schools, and disciplines. At Boston University, we embrace the intersectionality of identities within our neuroscience community just as we recognize and welcome the multidisciplinary nature of neuroscience. We work everyday to foster a diverse, inclusive community where students, faculty, and staff are continually learning from each other, and advancing our scientific understanding of the brain.