Penny Prather

Research Assistant Professor, Developmental Disorders

  • Title Research Assistant Professor, Developmental Disorders
  • Office 150 S Huntington Avenue Jamaica Plain MA 02130
  • Phone (617) 638-4803
  • Education MD, Tufts University
    PhD, Tufts University


  • PUBLISHED ON 4/1/2002Grossman M, Zurif E, Lee C, Prather P, Kalmanson J, Stern MB, Hurtig HI. Information processing speed and sentence comprehension in Parkinson’s disease. Neuropsychology. 2002 Apr; 16(2):174-81. PMID: 11949709.READ AT: PubMed
  • PUBLISHED ON 10/1/1997Prather PA, Zurif E, Love T, Brownell H. Speed of lexical activation in nonfluent Broca’s aphasia and fluent Wernicke’s aphasia. Brain Lang. 1997 Oct 1; 59(3):391-411. PMID: 9299070.READ AT: PubMed
  • PUBLISHED ON 8/1/1992Prather P, Zurif E, Stern C, Rosen TJ. Slowed lexical access in nonfluent aphasia: a case study. Brain Lang. 1992 Aug; 43(2):336-48. PMID: 1393526.READ AT: PubMed
  • PUBLISHED ON 4/1/1991Stern C, Prather P, Swinney D, Zurif E. The time course of automatic lexical access and aging. Brain Lang. 1991 Apr; 40(3):359-72. PMID: 2054592.READ AT: PubMed

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