Mario Muscedere

Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience

  • Title Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience
  • Office 2 Cummington, Room 214
  • Phone 617-353-2470
  • Education PhD, Boston University, 2011

Ants and other social insects live in cooperative colonies in which many related individuals work together as an integrated unit, providing large ecological and evolutionary advantages relative to solitary insects. My research has focused on understanding the sensory, neuromodulatory, and behavioral mechanisms that support the complex task performance of the individual worker ants in these societies. More recently I have worked on projects aimed at understanding how worker brain evolution may be linked to the behavioral, social, ecological, and life history variation that exists among species.

While I still collaborate on active research projects, my primary academic focus is undergraduate education. My goal is to use modern best practices to help students gain the most important concepts and skills required of today’s biologists and neuroscientists. I also draw on my research background to provide hands-on mentorship and advising to the many undergraduate researchers in Biology and Neuroscience.

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